Monthly Archives: September 2016

Common questions about getting a tattoo

If you’re new to the world of tattoos, then you might have a few questions. It can be a daunting experience going to get your first tattoo, and that’s why we’ve put together this short list of the most common questions asked when it comes to tattoos and tattoo designs. Does it hurt? This is […]

Make sure you do your research on tattoos

Before getting a tattoo it is essential that you spend some time looking at tattoo ideas, designs, and fonts. This week we talk about how to source good tattoo ideas. The last thing you want on (or rather under!) your skin is a design that you might regret in a few years. So here’s our […]

The same story over and over

Tattooing is no longer the preserve of bikers, sailors and convicts. More than that, celebrities are getting tattoos. And women too. But hang on, haven’t we heard all this before? “Tattooing is on the increase: habit not confined to seamen only,” proclaims one headline, while a second article declares: “Tattoos are no longer the trophies of […]

Tattoos up close

Is getting a tattoo painful? Well, it’s a tough question, because pain is a subjective experience. And where you have a tattoo is also an important factor. The details of getting a tattoo are somewhat mystical, no one knows exactly what it looks like up close… until now. The YouTube channel “Smarter Every Day” took […]

A short history of Japanese tattoos

Did you know that in some Japanese bath houses, anyone with a tattoo is refused entry? Seems a bit harsh, even for a conservative country like Japan, but the reason goes back hundreds of years… Irezumi is the name given to tattooing in Japan and refers to many different forms of traditional Japanese tattoos, or modern […]