Monthly Archives: October 2016

Unique tattoos are Chapel’s speciality

A unique tattoo can look awesome, but it’s the unique part that sometimes can throw people. Many people decide they want a tattoo, but don’t know what to get, so they go for the usual generic crap. How many girls have a tramp stamp that they regret? If you want something that represents you or something […]

Tattoo styles we specialise in here at Chapel Tattoo

Here at Chapel Tattoo we are first and foremost are Tattoo Artists, and if there’s a design you want, then we’ll be happy to do it. But each of our dozen artists specialise in their own style of tattooing. Tattoos come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and each style is completely different. From photo-realistic to […]

Tips before getting your first tattoo

People get tattoos for different reasons, but no matter what your motives, it always pays to do your research before coming to see us at Chapel Tattoo. There are several things you should think about before getting your first tattoo… AVOID ALCOHOL Having a wee drink before you get your first tattoo may seem like […]