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Tattoos are a serious business- leave it to the professionals

Years ago, tattoos were only something a few people had, and the only body part people pierced was their ears. Nowadays, piercings and tattoos are everywhere, especially in Australia. But like most things in life, tattoos and piercings come with a slight risk.   Tattoos are a great and popular form of self-expression, but anyone wanting […]

3 amazing facts about tattoos

Tattoos have a long and interesting history, so it’s no surprise that they also come with a list of amazing facts. Here’s three of our favourites! The Law and Tattoos   You’d think that because it’s your body, you can do what you want with it, right? Guess again. Tattoos have a long and complicated […]

Planning your first tattoo? Read this first!

Before getting your first tattoo it is essential that you spend some time looking at tattoo ideas, designs and fonts. This article will discuss how to source good tattoo ideas. The last thing you want on (or rather under!) your skin is a design that you might regret down the line. So here’s our first […]

Come to the best tattoo studio in Melbourne

If you’re getting a tattoo, Chapel are the best tattoo studio in Melbourne.   Chapel Street Tattoo Studio is a professional tattoo studio in Melbourne. We specialise in beautiful, unique tattoos. We can design something that not only reflects your personality but will be something you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life. […]