Monthly Archives: March 2017

Want a tattoo but you’re pregnant?

There are two common questions revolving around tattoos and pregnancy:   One -Should I get a tattoo while pregnant? Two – What will happen to my tattoos when I become pregnant?   It’s a bit of a grey area, but we’ll try our best to answer them here.   Can I get a tattoo if […]

We call bullshit on some more tattoo myths

Last week we pointed out some common misconceptions about tattoos and busted a few myths that many people think about getting inked up. Well, there’s plenty more out there to call bullshit on, so that’s what we’re doing again this week!   Myths like…   Getting a tattoo can be a health risk   Ok, […]

We call bullshit on tattoo myths

There are a lot of myths out there about tattoos, and some of these myths go back a long time, but others appear along with new technology or cultural watersheds. In this article, we call bullshit on some of the more prevalent ones.    Myths like…   Only gang members have tattoos   Oh please, […]

Never go cheap when it comes to tattoos

It’s certainly true that everyone loves a bargain.   And there’s certainly nothing like finding a diamond in the rough at a garage sale now and again. Living in a consumerist society, we’re trained to find the cheapest price for things, and the less we pay, the better we feel.   But tattoos are different.   Never […]

Why tattoos fade as time goes by

As anyone who’s had a tattoo for a while will tell you, they tend to fade over time. But why? Surely once you’re tattooed then that should be it? And if it fades, then why doesn’t it disappear completely? Well, get ready for a science lesson…   Basically, your skin is made up of two […]