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Maori tattoos – Their meaning and history

The styles and methods of tattooing in 21st century New Zealand are extremely diverse. From traditional Maori and Pacifica styles, through to modern Anime, the style is varied, and Maori tattoos are very popular in Australia.   The history of Maori tattoos   It’s impossible to establish when Ta Moko started as there are no written […]

More incredible facts about tattoos

  Following on from our wildly successful Amazing facts about tattoos post, we’ve found these 3 other incredible pieces of trivia, sure to win you any pub quiz!   Bad luck for smokers   Tattoo laser removal can be an expensive and possibly painful treatment, which doesn’t really get rid of tattoos 100%. Tattoos are harder […]

A breakdown of Japanese tattoos

Did you know that even today, in some Japanese bath houses, anyone with a tattoo is refused entry? Seems a bit harsh, even for a conservative country like Japan, but the reason goes back hundreds of years…   Irezumi is the name given in Japan to tattooing and refers to the many various forms of […]

Come see us for your first tattoo

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, come to the best tattoo studio in Melbourne.   Chapel Street Tattoo Studio is a professional tattoo studio in Melbourne. We specialise in beautiful, unique tattoos. We can design something that not only reflects your personality but will be something you’ll be happy with for the rest of […]