Monthly Archives: October 2017

Tattoo Studio etiquette

Unlike most people, Tattoo artists do what they love for a living, making it a wonderful job.   But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy job.   There are things people do that make tattoo artists want to punch them in their stupid faces. This is usually because of stupid or offensive behaviour, but a […]

3 mind-blowing facts about tattoos

We might be biased in thinking tattoos are awesome, but they are. And here’s 3 amazing facts to prove it!   Thomas Edison invented the tattoo machine   Well, sort of. Thomas Edison is considered America’s greatest inventor, patenting over 1000 ideas, including the motion picture camera, the light bulb, and the phonograph. Although anyone […]

Basic tattoo aftercare tips

From the moment the ink dries there are important tattoo aftercare instructions you need to follow to make sure your new ink remains healthy, clear and bright for years to come.    Basic tattoo aftercare tips   If you have any questions about tattoo aftercare, ask your tattoo artist at the time what needs to be […]

3 questions not to ask someone with a tattoo

For those with a tattoo collection, having people ask questions about them isn’t anything new.   Some people are genuinely interested, others will talk to you like you just pissed on their grandmother’s grave. Either way, check out some of the most common questions those with a tattoo collection are asked, and the most common responses. […]