Monthly Archives: January 2018

Special Guest Artist Matty D’Arienzo at Chapel Tattoo

Chapel Tattoo are proud to welcome back Matty D’Arienzo for January and February of 2018.   Matty used to work with us here in Melbourne before leaving for the UK, but now he’s back and tattooing some lucky people.   Remember, no matter what type of tattoo you’re looking for, we can design a custom […]

Only qualified doctors can give tattoos in Japan

A Japanese tattoo artist who argued he should not have to hold a medical certificate to tattoo people has lost his case and been ordered to pay a fine.   The decision by the Osaka District Court is likely to deal a major blow to the tattoo industry in a country where the Tattoo art […]

Never copy someone else’s tattoo

If you’ve never had a tattoo before, it’s very easy to see one you like and want a copy of that. But we wouldn’t recommend it. Here are three reasons why:   It’s not personal to you   Maybe the best reason not to copy someone else’s tattoo design is simply this; it’s not yours.   […]

Basic tattoo aftercare

Getting a tattoo isn’t like getting a haircut – there are health and safety concerns to follow up on. Here at Chapel Tattoo, we’ll explain to you exactly what to do when it comes to tattoo aftercare.   Listen to your artist and follow these simple instructions after getting a tattoo, and not only will […]