Monthly Archives: March 2018

The history of the classic anchor tattoo

Anchor tattoos go back to even before the original tattooing era of the late 1800s, and their popularity has never waned, still being hugely popular today.   Sailors   Anchor tattoos were made popular by sailors and fishermen, and were often paired with mermaids, fish, sharks, nets, or boats. Basically, anything to do with the […]

Pacifica Tattoos: Maori Ta Moko

The styles and methods of tattooing in 21st century New Zealand are extremely diverse. From traditional Maori and Pacifica styles, through to modern Anime, the style is varied, and Maori tattoos are very popular in Australia.   The history of Maori tattoos   It’s impossible to establish when Ta Moko started as there are no written […]

Our tattoo artists and their different styles

Here at Chapel Tattoo, we are first and foremost are Tattoo Artists, and if there’s a design you want, then we’ll be happy to do it. But each of our dozen artists specialise in their own style of tattooing. Tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and each style is completely different. From photo-realistic to […]

Your legal rights when having a tattoo

Everyone and their dog have their own theories and opinions about the law when it comes to tattoos, so let’s clear up a few myths.   While the law varies from state to state, in Victoria you need to be 18 to get a tattoo. It’s against the law for someone to tattoo you if […]

Calling all backpackers! Grab a tattoo memento!

Travelling is one of life’s great privileges and experiences. It’s something that not just sticks with you, but changes who you are and your entire outlook on life.   There’s no better country in the world to backpack than Australia. Our country’s friendly people, laid-back culture, and amazing natural landscapes all make it the perfect destination for […]