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Why getting a tattoo while pregnant is probably a bad idea

When it comes to tattoos and pregnancy, there are two questions everyone seems to ask; Should I get a tattoo while pregnant, and what will happen to my tattoos when I become pregnant? It’s a bit of a grey area, but we’ll try our best to answer them here.   Can I get a tattoo if I’m pregnant? […]

Zodiac tattoo ideas – Part One

Everyone has a star sign, and if you believe in astrology, then getting something that represents your sign is a nice personal and unique tattoo idea. We’re going through the calendar 3 signs at a time, starting with January and working our way through the year. So let’s start with… Aquarius Anyone born between January […]

How laser tattoo removal works

Ok, so we all know the biggest problem with tattoos is they are permanent. Well, sort of. You can have them removed, but the process is long, painful and expensive. But how does tattoo removal actually work? Well, saddle up people, because here’s your first science lesson of the day… Tattoo ink is an invader […]

Painful tattoos – where is the worst place to get one?

Pain may be subjective, but your body isn’t. There are certain areas which are more susceptible to pain than others, and there’s a consensus about which parts are more painful to tattoo. If you’re the squeamish type and you want to get a tattoo, then maybe you should avoid the following places.   Your wrist If […]