Monthly Archives: October 2018

Know your rights – getting a tattoo

Everyone and their dog have their own theories and opinions about the law when it comes to tattoos, so let’s clear up a few myths.   While the law varies from state to state, in Victoria you need to be 18 to get a tattoo. It’s against the law for someone to tattoo you if […]

Going for a job interview with a tattoo

It wasn’t long ago that people were warned off tattoos because getting inked up would make you “unemployable”. So is that still the case today? And if so, what can you do about it?   No longer the stigma it used to be   While back in the day tattoos used to be only found […]

Special guest this November – Jacob Morris!

Next month we have a very special guest joining us from Sydney. Jacob Morris is a tattoo artist who’s gained a loyal following through his use of bold lines and simple, strong colour palettes.   Jacob started his tattoo apprenticeship in 2015 under the guidance of Moses D Mezoghlian, and his main focus is in Western […]