Monthly Archives: February 2019

Tattoos and plagiarism

For anyone wanting their first tattoo, it’s very tempting to see one you like and simply copy it, but this isn’t a good idea. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t copy someone else’s tattoo.   It means something to someone else   Maybe the best reason not to copy someone else’s tattoo design is simply […]

Japanese Tattoo History

Even today in Japan, anyone with a tattoo is refused entry to public baths. Even for a conservative country like Japan this seems a bit harsh but the reasons behind it go back centuries.   The name given to tattooing in Japan is Irezumi and refers to the many various forms of traditional Japanese tattoos, or modern […]

Three questions you’ve probably heard if you have tattoos

If you’re serious about tattoos, then you’ll know that people asking you about them are nothing new. Some are genuinely interested, others use it as a passive-aggressive way to show their disapproval. Check out some of the most common questions those with a tattoo collection are asked, and the most common responses.   Was it […]

Koi fish tattoos explained – Part I

You’ve almost certainly seen a koi fish tattoo as they are incredibly popular in the industry, especially when it comes to Japanese themed designs.   If you’re thinking about getting a koi tattoo then read this first to understand their meaning and history. The colour, design, shape and even direction of the koi can change its meaning. […]