Monthly Archives: March 2019

How to decide where to get a tattoo

Whether you’re getting your first or one hundredth tattoo, you might still be wondering where it should go on your body. If it’s your first, you’re probably wondering about more painful areas, but if it’s your one hundredth, you might be more concerned about running out of room!   WHY PLACEMENT MATTERS Finding the right spot […]

Only a unique tattoo will do!

A unique tattoo can look awesome, but it’s the unique part that sometimes can throw people.   Many people decide they want a tattoo, but don’t know what to get, so they go for the usual generic crap. How many girls have a tramp stamp that they regret?   If you want something that represents […]

3 tips to keep your tattoo looking like new!

Tattoos fade over time, this is just an inevitable effect of the body’s natural defence system, but you can do some things to keep your ink as fresh as possible for as long as possible.   FOLLOW AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS The most important thing you can do to make your tattoo last is to follow the […]

Koi fish tattoos explained – Part II

Welcome back to our second part of the meaning and symbolism behind one of the tattoo industry’s most popular designs, the koi fish.   The symbolism in koi   The koi represents many things, but mostly determination, perseverance, and strength, all harking back to their legend of swimming to the top of a waterfall and […]