Monthly Archives: April 2019

The difference between henna and black henna

Henna tattoos usually last between 2 -4 weeks, gradually fading as time passes, and leave no permanent marks. For these reasons they are perfect for anyone not wanting to commit to a real tattoo.   But be very careful when testing the water, because Black Henna is something else entirely, and can damage your skin, leaving […]

Getting a tattoo when you have darker skin

While there’s plenty of advice out there for white people getting tattoos, there’s not much for those with darker skin.   People from African, Indian and Pacifica backgrounds are often forgotten about when it comes to information about getting a tattoo.   We’ve put together this short article to explain a couple of things about […]

Want rid of your tattoo? Time for a laser!

Ok, so we all know the biggest problem with tattoos their permanence. Once you’ve been inked, you’re stuck with that design.   Well, sort of.   We don’t offer tattoo laser removal here at Chapel, but our friends over at MJ Driver do, so if you’ve been inked and you feel like it’s time for a change, then give […]

8 tattoo ideas for backpackers

Travelling is one of life’s great joys and privileges, and for those who have spent time backpacking to far off places, it’s nice to get a memento of those adventures. Here are some tattoo ideas for backpackers to consider if they want to take a special reminder home. Maps of the world This is a great idea […]