Monthly Archives: May 2019

The amazing history of tattoos

Tattoos are nothing new, in fact, they’re ancient. Humans have been giving themselves tattoos since the dawn of time. Go back 2000 years to the time of Jesus. Now double that and get to the building of the pyramids… and double that again. We’re heading back to the last ice age. Mankind’s timeline of tattoos 10,000BC: We’re back […]

Never get someone’s name tattooed on you

Don’t get us wrong, we’re a tattoo studio; we’re all or tattoos… but sometimes you need to think about what you’re getting. SHOULD I GET MY PARTNER’S NAME TATTOOED? No. Simple as that. No, don’t do it, don’t ever, no, no, no. Now, we’re not saying that the person you are with is going to […]

What’s the best season to get a tattoo?

You may think it’s a silly question, but what is the best time of year to get a tattoo? Most would think it’s during the summer when it’s hot enough to strip off a little and show off your new ink, but you’d be wrong. Wait until Autumn or Winter to get your ink Ok, […]

Mother’s Day tattoos

Aww, we all love our Mummies, and thankfully there’s one day a year we can let them know. Apart from their birthday. Or Christmas. Or basically any day we want. But there is only one day we can buy a card saying how great they are as a mother! If you really loved your Whaea […]

Getting an MRI when you have a tattoo

Some of us will be unfortunate enough to need an MRI at some point in our lives. We say unfortunate because if you need an MRI, that means something has gone very wrong somewhere. If you do need one and have a tattoo, you may have heard some rumours about how the 2 things can […]