Monthly Archives: June 2019

Ten Pride tattoos to sign off Pride Month

As we come to the close of Pride Month, we’ve scoured the internet for 10 of the best Pride tattoos out there. As usual, all credit goes to the original artists. LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED. Let’s start with the obvious thing that needs stated, everyone deserves the right to love and be loved. If […]

Don’t turn up drunk for your tattoo appointment!

Ok, we shouldn’t have to tell you this, but getting drunk before getting a tattoo isn’t a good idea. If you come into our studio pissed up, we won’t serve you, and here’s why…   You need a clear head   Yeah, so apparently alcohol impairs your judgment? That’s the rumour anyway.   Look, we […]

How long does it take a tattoo take to heal?

Asking how long a tattoo takes to heal is like asking how long does it take to get over the flu – everyone is different. There are simply too many factors which affect the rate of healing for a tattoo, so there is no definitive answer on recovery time. Generally Speaking The best we can […]

Thinking of going to Japan for a tattoo? Think again!

A Japanese tattoo artist who argued he should not have to hold a medical certificate to tattoo people has lost his case and been ordered to pay a fine. The decision by the Osaka District Court is likely to deal a major blow to the tattoo industry in a country where the Tattoo art is […]