Monthly Archives: October 2019

Halloween tattoo ideas!

It’s that time of year again when everyone likes to get dressed up and lose all inhibitions by pretending to be someone else. Halloween is awesome, but with a Halloween themed tattoo, it can be your favourite holiday all year round! Check out 6 of the best Halloween themed designs we found on the internet. […]

Ten amazing movie tattoos

Everyone loves a good movie, and some of us REALLY get into them. Movie buffs know their stuff, and even if you’re not a buff, sometimes a movie has an impact you can’t explain, leaving an impression on you that lasts forever. Other movies are just cool as fuck. MONTY PYTHON While there are plenty […]

Happy 25th birthday to us!

It’s our 25th birthday this month! 25 years of tattooing the wonderful people of Melbourne and beyond. Thousands of tattoos and happy customers later and we’re still here, right in the heart of the City. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re throwing a special birthday party. On the 26th October we’re having a Flash Party […]

Cool tattoos based on album covers

Art is art, and album covers can sometimes bring out the very best in artists.  Choosing an album cover is important for a band, because getting it right might bring with it iconic status, making the cover more memorable than the actual songs within. The really memorable ones take on a life of their own, […]

Need a tattoo removed? Call our buddies at MJ Driver!

Ok, so we all know the biggest problem with tattoos their permanence. Once you’ve been inked, you’re stuck with that design. Or are you? We don’t offer tattoo laser removal here at Chapel, but our friends over at MJ Driver do, so if you’ve been inked and you feel like it’s time for a change, then give those guys […]