Monthly Archives: December 2019

It’s a new decade! Start it off right with a new tattoo!

With every passing year we get a little bit older and wiser, but for those of us who collect tattoos, it’s another year we can add to our collection!   If you’re in Melbourne, then there’s no place better to get a tattoo than right here at Chapel.   Based in the heart of Windsor, right […]

Simpsons tattoos!

Everyone loves the Simpsons. Well, up to season 10 anyway. The show is the longest-running animated series in history, and having started 30 years ago, even people pushing 50 consider it a part of their childhood. This might be why Simpsons tattoos are so popular, and add to that over 3000 characters who have appeared […]

A Chapel tattoo gift voucher is the perfect Christmas present!

Merry Christmas! Christmas is just around the corner now is the perfect time to get that special someone a gift they’ll remember;  a gift voucher from us!   Of course, if you fancy some new ink yourself, then there no reason why you can’t treat yourself and start the roaring twenties with a new tattoo! Maybe you got some […]

Our Kiwi Cousins love their tattoos!

We love tattoos here in Australia, but it looks like our cousins across the Ditch are even more invested in ink. A recent report by the New Zealand Herald claims that an astonishing 95% of new police recruits are tattooed. Tattoos have traditionally been frowned upon by most Western Societies, with some cultures (like Japan), […]