Basic tattoo aftercare

Getting a tattoo isn’t like getting a haircut – there are health and safety concerns to follow up on. Here at Chapel Tattoo, we’ll explain to you exactly what to do when it comes to tattoo aftercare.


Listen to your artist and follow these simple instructions after getting a tattoo, and not only will you be fine, but your tattoo will still look awesome years from now.


  • Leave your bandage on for at least a couple of hours after getting your tattoo. It’s there for a reason- to stop the bleeding and compact the wound, so leave it on.
  • And yes, it is a wound, so don’t get it infected!! Never touch it without cleaning your hands first, and clean it with soft, non-scented anti-bacterial soap, at least 3 times per day.
  •  Keep it hydrated. This doesn’t mean splashing water on it when you wake up. For the first few days apply ointment. 
  • For the first couple of weeks, try not to agitate the healing process by wearing tight clothes that will rub against your tattoo. If it’s on your back, learn to sleep on your front.
  • Avoid swimming pools, spas or hot tubs. Again, this is a great way to get an infection. Try to avoid any activity that makes you sweat, and don’t expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight.
  • And last but not least, don’t pick at it!


So there you go, stick to these basic rules and you’ll be fine. For long-term care, always use sunscreen (which you should be using anyway), and keep your tattoo moisturised.


Chapel Tattoo are one of the most hygienic, respected and professional tattoo studios in Melbourne. Contact us today to make a booking, or pop into the studio for a friendly chat. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about aftercare.