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A short video on the history of tattoos

Now be warned folks, even though this is a TED Talk educational video, not everything in this is 100% accurate. It’s still fun though. Have a watch of it, and afterwards, if you’re nit-picky like us, take a look at all the things wrong with it. 🙂     Ok, it was a nice wee […]

Calling all backpackers! Grab a tattoo memento!

Travelling is one of life’s great privileges and experiences. It’s something that not just sticks with you, but changes who you are and your entire outlook on life.   There’s no better country in the world to backpack than Australia. Our country’s friendly people, laid-back culture, and amazing natural landscapes all make it the perfect destination for […]

First tattoo considerations

If you have been thinking about getting your first ever tattoo, then give us a call. Chapel Tattoo is a professional tattoo studio in Melbourne. As one of the most respected studios in the city, we pride ourselves on giving good advice, especially to people who are considering their first tattoo. But before you pop […]

The Melbourne tattoo studio you can trust

Hygiene is a critical factor when getting a tattoo. When selecting a Melbourne tattoo studio you should make sure that the tattoo studio of your choice follows the strict Health & Safety guidelines of the State of Victoria. A hygienic Melbourne tattoo studio Chapel Tattoo is the Melbourne tattoo studio you can trust. Getting a tattoo […]

Australian law and tattoos

Everyone and their dog have their own theories and opinions about the law when it comes to tattoos, so let’s clear up a few myths. While the law varies from state to state, in Victoria you need to be 18 to get a tattoo. It’s against the law for someone to tattoo you if you […]

Tattoos and dark skin

While there’s plenty of advice out there for white people getting tattoos, there’s not much for those with a higher melanin content. People from African, Indian and Pacifica backgrounds are often forgotten about when it comes to information about getting a tattoo. We’ve put together this short article to explain a couple of things about […]

Unique tattoos in Melbourne

When it comes to unique tattoos in Melbourne, Chapel Tattoo is the place to come.   Unique tattoos can look awesome, but it’s the unique part that can sometimes throw people. Many people decide they want a tattoo, but don’t know what to get, so they go for the usual generic crap. How many girls […]

When it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for

when it comesWe all love a bargain, and there’s certainly nothing like finding a diamond in the rough at a car boot sale now and again. Living in a consumerist society, we’re trained to find the cheapest price for things, and the less we pay, the better we feel.   But tattoos are different.   Never go […]

Ever wonder why tattoos fade over time?

As the years pass tattoos fade in colour, but why? Surely once you’re tattooed then that should be it? And if it fades, then why doesn’t it disappear completely? Well, get ready for a science lesson…   Basically, your skin is made up of two separate layers, an outer and inner layer. The outer layer is […]

Tattoos and Pregnancy – what you need to know

There are two main questions when it comes to tattoos and pregnancy: One -Should I get a tattoo while pregnant? Two – What will happen to my tattoos when I become pregnant? It’s a bit of a grey area, but we’ll try our best to answer them here.   Can I get a tattoo if I’m pregnant? […]