Coronavirus tattoos are now a thing

Never one to miss an opportunity, tattoo collectors across the world are ignoring calls to stay at home and self-isolate, and are instead going to get inked – with the coronavirus.

One quick look at Instagram’s #coronavirustattoo hashtag throws up dozens of pictures of people who appear to have had permanent reminders of the pandemic inked onto their bodies.

“When the world is going crazy over a deadly pandemic outbreak, come get it tattooed!” exclaimed one American tattoo parlour boss.

Designs range from everything from rolls of toilet paper and a cartoon germ to people declaring: “I survived 2020,” alongside images of toilet rolls and the inscription Covid-19.

 Nothing covert about this tattoo

Many tattoo parlours in the States ran Friday the 13th deals last week, offering discounted tattoos, and one person took the opportunity to have a toilet roll on legs etched onto their body.

However, some Instagram users didn’t see the funny side, with many commenting that the tattoos were in bad taste.

One user said: “This is awful. People are f**king dying.”

Another added: “Are you kidding me?!”

“Dumb and sad… what a waste of ink,” said another.

“Why though? It’s a virus outbreak and you know people have died,” said another user. “It just comes across as a bit distasteful,” they added.