Drinking and tattoos don’t mix – here’s why

Ok, we shouldn’t have to tell you this, but getting drunk before getting a tattoo isn’t a good idea. If you come into our studio pissed up, we won’t serve you, and here’s why…

You need a clear head

Yeah, so apparently alcohol impairs your judgment? That’s the rumour anyway.

Look, we understand getting your first tattoo can be scary, and you might need a little Dutch Courage to get you through the experience, but getting hammered isn’t going to help you. For a start you might pick a tattoo you’ll regret, and when you sober up you’ll realise you have this thing for life.

You’ll need a clear head at every stage of the tattooing process – your decision is final on what the design is and where it goes. You can’t do that if you’re drunk.

Alcohol thins the blood

Booze will thin your blood, and this isn’t ideal when getting a tattoo. It means you’ll bleed more, and while that sounds scary, don’t worry, you’re not going to bleed to death. It just means that you’ll take longer to heal and the pigment in the tattoo ink will become diluted, resulting in a “watered-down” design.

And remember, it’s the amount of alcohol you drink that thins the blood, not when you drink it. Wo if you were out on the piss last night and are sober (but hungover) today, your blood will still be feeling the effects of the booze.

It’s harder for the artist

There another reason you shouldn’t drink before getting a tattoo; we don’t want to deal with you.

When everybody’s drunk it can be fun. When one person is drunk and everyone else is sober, it can be a nightmare. Most tattoo artists can’t be arsed with your drunken bullshit, so won’t even entertain the notion of tattooing you.

There’s also the fact that drunk people tend to fidget, and this will result in a bad tattoo anyway. And then when you sober up and come back complaining about the shoddy workmanship, we’ll break out the security footage which shows you doing the Macarena while we try and work on you.

Only joking, you won’t even get through the door.