Got a tattoo? You’ve probably heard these questions before.

If you’re serious about tattoos, then you’ll know that people asking you about your ink are nothing new. Some are genuinely interested, others use it as a passive-aggressive way to show their disapproval. Check out some of the most common questions those with tattoos are asked, and the most common responses.


Did they hurt?

Well, yes, probably. Being stabbed repeatedly tends to hurt. But here’s the thing- pain is subjective. What makes someone wail like a Banshee might not even be noticed by someone else. And where you get a tattoo is also a big factor in how painful it is. Where the skin is thin tends to hurt more than the meatier part of the body.


What do they mean?

It’s a tough question to answer because people without tattoos expect them to have some sort of deep and personal meaning. The problem is, if they do, then it’s personal, and if they don’t, then the person asking the question thinks you’re an idiot. Some tattoos can represent an important time in a person’s life, or a loved one that’s maybe passed away. Other tattoos may be the result of a drunken night out. Either way, if feel yourself wanting to ask someone this question, it’s probably best you think carefully first.


Do you regret them?

Nine times out of ten the answer will be no. Obviously, there’s always one or two decisions in our youth that we look back on with incredulity. Some people get tattoos of their significant other, only to find out their significant other wasn’t that significant. Others were just too young to know what they wanted for a tattoo or why. These cases tend to be the exception, rather than the rule, so overall, no, people don’t regret them.