The difference between henna and black henna

Henna tattoos usually last between 2 -4 weeks, gradually fading as time passes, and leave no permanent marks. For these reasons they are perfect for anyone not wanting to commit to a real tattoo.


But be very careful when testing the water, because Black Henna is something else entirely, and can damage your skin, leaving you permanently scarred.


What is Henna?


The Henna tattoo dye is created from a substance which comes from the lawsonia Inermis plant. Historically, henna was used in the Arabian Peninsula, Indian Subcontinent, Near and Middle East, Carthage, other parts of North Africa and the Horn of Africa.


The plant is crushed into a powder which is turned into a paste. This paste is then added to the skin in a pattern, left until it hardens, then washed off.


Natural henna dye leaves behind a burnt orange or brown stain which will begin to fade after about a week.


What is Black Henna?


Many people don’t like the orange/brown stain real henna leaves, and want a more “realistic” tattoo, and that’s where black henna comes in.


Black henna, or kali mehndi as it’s sometimes known, is henna that that has been mixed with paraphenylenediamine (PPD for short) a transdermal toxin which is mainly used as a hair dye.


In some cases this so-called henna doesn’t even contain any henna at all, and PPD was never intended to be use in tattoos. When it mixes with oxygen it can cause severe allergic reactions, chemically burning the skin and leaving the victim (usually a teenager) with permanent scars.


PPD is also associated with bladder and blood cancers, liver failure, and fetal harm. It is currently illegal for use on skin in many countries.


Tried Henna? Now it’s time for a real tattoo


Henna tattoos are fine if you want to try out a design or see how you feel about having a tattoo, but for the real thing, come see us here at Chapel Tattoo.


We have the experience and the staff to give you a beautiful, safe tattoo in our hygienic Melbourne studio.


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