Tattoo Myths Busted – Part II

For those not part of the “sub-culture”, tattoos can seem like something dangerous, rebellious or even crazy. But sit and talk for two minutes with anyone who’s inked up, and you’ll soon realise they are just normal everyday people. There are a lot of myths about tattoos, and some of these myths go back a long time, but others appear along with new technology or cultural watersheds. Here’s the second part of our “Myths” feature, see how many you thought were true beforehand.


You can’t donate blood after getting a tattoo


You can absolutely donate blood after getting a tattoo, but there is, of course, a waiting period. It differs from country to country, but here in Australia, you can give blood six months after getting a tattoo. We recommend donating- you can save someone’s life, and maybe someday someone will save yours. MYTH BUSTED


Only gang members have tattoos


Oh please, do we even have to debunk this one? Especially here in Australia? We have perhaps the most tattoos per capita in the world, and obviously not everyone is a gang member! And yes, it’s true gang members are notorious for their tattoos, but that doesn’t mean everyone with a tattoo is in a gang. That’s like saying both Hitler and Stalin had moustaches, so everyone with a moustache is an evil dictator! MYTH BUSTED


Black ink tattoos will turn blue over time


While this may have been true 50 years ago, the advancements in tattooing ink have made sure it doesn’t happen today. That old, faded blue tattoo your uncle has isn’t a true representation of tattoos in the modern world. MYTH BUSTED


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