Tattoo Studio etiquette

Unlike most people, Tattoo artists do what they love for a living, making it a wonderful job.


But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy job.


There are things people do that make tattoo artists want to punch them in their stupid faces. This is usually because of stupid or offensive behaviour, but a lot of the time, the customer doesn’t even know what they’re doing wrong.


Let us help you out:


Complain about the price

A good tattoo costs money, and no artist wants to sell their work for less than it’s worth, so don’t be cheap! And remember, when it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for.


You’ll probably be charged at an hourly rate, so the cost is dependent on the size and detail of your tattoo. If you feel the tattoo is too much, then go away and save some more. The attitude of “I know a guy who’ll do it for half that price” is one which will you will absolutely regret in the long run.


Turn up pissed

We won’t tattoo you if you’re drunk. Simple as.


If you need some Dutch Courage to get a tattoo, then you shouldn’t be getting one in the first place. Drunk people are a pain in the ass and not fun to work with. On top of that, it’s dangerous to get a tattoo with alcohol in your system. It thins the blood, making healing more difficult, so stay off the booze.


Miss an appointment


Not turning up to your appointment is a big no-no. We offer a free consultation here at Chapel, but there’s a reason we take a deposit once you make a booking. When we book a time for you, that means we’re not taking any other customers, so if you don’t turn up, that’s money we could have been earning. Instead, we’re twiddling our thumbs, wondering if you’ve chickened out, forgotten, or been hit by a bus. It’s usually chickened out though.