Looking for a tattoo studio in Melbourne?

Is it time for your first tattoo? Or for your 20th?  Whichever it is, you’ve found Chapel Tattoo.


Chapel Tattoo is a professional tattoo studio in the heart of Melbourne. We specialise in beautiful, unique skin art. We can design something personal that reflects you and what your taste is and will keep you happy for the rest of your life. We have a dozen artists here who specialise in all different styles, from traditional to Anime, so you’re sure to find the right artist for you. But first of all … let’s make sure you want a tattoo!


Why get a tattoo?


A tattoo is a big deal, so maybe we should start with the reason why you should not get one. Don’t get a tattoo because you want to be cool or because you think it’s in fashion. Don’t get one because all your friends have one. Don’t get one because you want to express your undying affection for someone. You never know how long it will last (and laser removal is expensive and painful!)


Now, let’s consider why you should get a tattoo at Chapel Street. If you want something that is unique and arty, if you want to express your individuality, and if you are over 18 and mature enough to handle the pain (that’s right, getting a tattoo can hurt), then you should call our tattoo studio in Melbourne studio right now. Because we friggin love tattoos!


We take our profession very seriously, least of all our Health & Safety responsibilities. Getting inked in our tattoo studio in Melbourne is a safe experience. We practice the highest level of hygiene and meticulously adhere to the Australian council Health & Safety guidelines.


Why not check out our artist’s pages and have a look at their recent works? Or call our tattoo studio in Melbourne today to book an appointment. We promise you won’t regret it.