The pros and cons of photo-realistic tattoos

Even for people who don’t like or are actively against tattooing, photo-realistic tattoos still command respect.

Whereas anyone can tattoo with some basic training, photo-realistic tattoos can only be done by bona fide artists.

So if they’re so amazing, why isn’t ever tattoo a hyper-realistic one? We go through the pros and cons here:


First of all, the obvious reason people would choose a photo-realistic tattoo; they look awesome.

Genuinely, a high-quality, hyper-realistic tattoo looks incredible, and can literally catch people’s breath.

They’re a talking point with people, and usually makes the bearer the centre focal point of a party.

Because of their detail, they are usually a portrait of a loved one, usually kids, or maybe even someone who’s passed. This also makes them unique, meaning that tattoo isn’t on a flashcard somewhere.


As awesome as they are, photo-realistic tattoos do have their disadvantages.

Firstly, because of the level of detail, they take ages to do. Many sessions are usually required, probably at hours at a time.

Another reason some people might be put off is the price.

Because they take so long, this is reflected in the final cost, so they are something that needs to be thought over before taking the plunge.

As stunning as they are at first, tattoos fade over time, and photo-realistic ones are no different.


As the body changes and the ink fades, details can go missing, meaning that in a decade from now, the image won’t look anywhere near as good as it first did.

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