The rise of micro tattoos

Tattoo trends come and go, although some things like traditional tattoos are always popular. The latest trend which seems to be here to stay is micro tattoos, which started to appear on celebrities and Instagram posts a couple of years back.


What are micro tattoos?

Micro tattoos are exactly what they sound like – very small tattoos. Usually simplistic and plain black in colour, they became popular after Justine Bieber and Kendall Jenner got them.  They are found mostly on the hands and fingers, almost like jewellery, but of course, can be put anywhere.


Why are they suddenly so popular?

Micro tattoos are very popular with women because they are seen as cute, respectable, and refined, especially if they mean something personal. Micro tattoo designs are usually very simple, with tiny geometric shapes, animals, arrows all popular choices. They are popular because they can be covered up for work, or for anyone who wants a tattoo, but is unsure where to start or what to get. Because of their size, they are quick to complete and cheaper than a normal tattoo.


For a micro tattoo, come to Chapel

If you would like a tattoo, but aren’t sure about what to get, where to get it, or you’re worried about how painful it’s going to be, then a micro tattoo is a perfect place to start. They are small, cheap, and easy to hide, and if done right, still look great. Come see us at Chapel Tattoo if you would like to talk about a micro tattoo and the options available.

Our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to talk you through any questions you may have, and will never pressure you to get a tattoo if you’re not 100% sure.