We call bullshit on some more tattoo myths

Last week we pointed out some common misconceptions about tattoos and busted a few myths that many people think about getting inked up. Well, there’s plenty more out there to call bullshit on, so that’s what we’re doing again this week!


Myths like…


Getting a tattoo can be a health risk


Ok, let’s be clear here; anything can be dangerous if not done correctly. Tattoos are no exception, but as for the myth that you’re risking catching Hepatitis or HIV, well the statistics don’t agree. Licensed tattoo studios must undergo strict health and safety checks by the council, and for this reason, there has NEVER been a single documented case of HIV transmission from a tattoo in Australia.


Black ink tattoos will turn blue over time


While this may have been true 50 years ago, the advancements in tattooing ink have made sure it doesn’t happen today. That old, faded blue tattoo your uncle has isn’t a true representation of tattoos in the modern world. Tattoo ink now comes in many bright, long-lasting colours, and there are even vegan tattoo inks now available so they can boast about that too.


You can’t donate blood after getting a tattoo


You can absolutely donate blood after getting a tattoo, but there is, of course, a waiting period. It differs from country to country, but here in Australia, you can give blood six months after getting a tattoo. We recommend donating- you can save someone’s life, and maybe someday someone will save yours.



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