What’s the best season to get a tattoo?

You may think it’s a silly question, but what is the best time of year to get a tattoo?

Most would think it’s during the summer when it’s hot enough to strip off a little and show off your new ink, but you’d be wrong.

Wait until Autumn or Winter to get your ink

Ok, so what’s wrong with summer? Well, for one, it’s hot as hell. Sitting for a tattoo is uncomfortable at the best of times, nevermind in sweltering heat.

Next, you’ve got the issue of the sun itself. Tattoos need time to heal, and you MUST keep them out of direct sunlight during this time. The idea of showing off your new tattoo to everyone at the beach is a nice one, but completely impractical.

On top of that, the healing process isn’t exactly a beautiful one. Even if you want to wear a short shirt in summer, your new tattoo won’t be pretty to look at yet, with all the scabbing and peeling.

Winter is coming!

Hitting autumn and heading into winter is the best time to get a tattoo.

It’s not as warm, so you can cover up a little and protect your new ink, giving it time to heal. It also means people don’t have to see the “ugly” stages of your tattoo’s healing process.

Winter is also a slower time for most tattoo studios, so you won’t have to wait weeks for an appointment, or, even better, you might even be able to walk straight in.

The best part if, by the time your tattoo has completely healed, it’s already Spring and the sun is starting to come out again. Summer is just around the corner, and now is the time to show off your new ink!