Where and when you should get a tattoo

Whether you’re getting your first or one-hundredth tattoo, you might still be wondering where it should go on your body. If it’s your first, you’re probably wondering about more painful areas, but if it’s your one hundredth, you might be more concerned about running out of room!

Why it matters where you get a tattoo

Finding the right spot for a new tattoo is important because it can make your new ink look its absolute best.

Different factors affect the final product, such as size, colour or orientation. A large dragon, for example, will look good on your chest or back, but a small tattoo will get lost in so much space and would look better on a wrist of the shoulder.


If you’re getting a tattoo, you must know the consequences of its permanency.

If you are worried about your granny seeing it, or if it will affect your employment chances, then get it somewhere you can hide. Even for yourself – do you want to look at it every day for the rest of your life? If not, put it on your back so you can only see it in the mirror or in photographs.

When you should get it

This may seem like a strange thing, but when you get a tattoo is just as important as where you get it.

You should probably wait until Autumn or Winter to get your ink. Why? What’s wrong with summer? Well, for one, it’s hot as hell. Sitting for a tattoo is uncomfortable at the best of times, nevermind in sweltering heat.

Next, you’ve got the issue of the sun itself. Tattoos need time to heal, and you MUST keep them out of direct sunlight during this time. The idea of showing off your new tattoo to everyone at the beach is a nice one, but completely impractical.

On top of that, the healing process isn’t exactly a beautiful one. Even if you want to wear a short shirt in summer, your new tattoo won’t be pretty to look at yet, with all the scabbing and peeling.